Hello. How are you? Gumato Tinde here. And this is my letter to you.

Sometimes I am completely lost. I feel weak. I feel that even my own legs fail to support me when I get this feeling. I feel my heart beating so fast,so fast that I could feel it. I feel my tears fail me. I don’t know what they are so stubborn to flow out of my swollen red eyes. If only they did,I am sure I will be relieved to some extent. Then I’ll be stronger again.

God knows our strength and our weaknesses. He also knows our capabilities. Then I ask myself,Why do I feel that some big things that I always think I am not capable of doing anything about it worry me to death? Is prayer the only thing all of us can do? Think of the Syrian case. Think of the state of our world. The hate. The pain. The pain of those who cannot defend themselves.

Are you in a position to tell me about this? May be I need some advice concerning this feeling. Although I feel if we work together even in that one thing that all of us can offer. Prayer!Yeah. Pray for the healing of our world. Why can’t you pose the question of your generation and be an answer to that same question? That is my responsibility and I know. That is your responsibility and you also should know that.

You see a piece of paper in the wrong place,pick it up and throw it away in its right place. I promise you. You will not die or reduce in any form for that. You see him doing wrong,tell him its wrong with a smile. He will appreciate and thank you for that. You see her crying,console her. These little things matter a lot. Imagine if we all did this. How good will that be?

You will leave your loved ones some day. Your loved ones may leave you. But your good deeds will never leave you. Never ever! They will follow you even after you are dead. They will create a good relation between Him who made you and yourself. What are you leaving being for your world? Have you ever thought of it at any one time? I bet you should! That is my letter to you. Yes. You.




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    This is a very touching letter; calling for change I guess. An appeal to the human populace, every one should read this. It has a very provocative effect to the mind.
    A great read Gumato.

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