A Kenya we all love| TCM

A Kenya we all love| TCM

AWe are Kenyans

We are citizens

We are one

Our rights scripted in our constitution

Or should we say our rights omitted  from the governments minds?

We are human but not human enough

We are people but not the people

We toil dusk to dawn while our wages hide beneath  our shadows

We are the ‘wanaichi’ not ‘wenye nchi’

‘Wenye nchi’ in Kenya are the leaders and the rich

And on Mondays and Fridays we are busy reciting;

‘Na tukae na undugu’

‘Amani na UHURU……….’

A nation state we call us

Where 30 something nations have no say

We are a ten over ten disaster

Entangled is the sins of the past

Free yet hands are tied

A nation state behind the cells yet roaming around the streets

A nation state where neocolonialism is not the only vice

A nation state alive, a nation state  dead 

And while the young suffer learning the art of looking for a job

Being that  job vacancies now are like government mercies

We are ready to give uncle moody the sports docket

 In the name of EXPERIENCE

Or should I say CONVINIENCE?

In Kenya

The current slogan is,

No dime given, no dime received

It is  country of  a small thing

‘Nchi ya kitu kidogo’

And one is forced part with a coin that is rare like attaining self actualization

And then when  the politicians come in our villages  

They practise  chess with our brains

Sweet lies dripping from the sides of their mouths

And since problems to us are equivalent to our population

Our hands vote for the wrong one again and again


We are a nation state  where

One steal twenty  billions

Arrested and released with a bail of two millions within 24 hours

The case is adjourned months after  months,

Then files go missing,

Or there is no evidence

Or even the witnesses have died

A Kenya we all love.   . ….

And just like that

 We watch billions disappear in thin air  like our culture

Money intended to HELP the poor and lead us to self independence ….

We are a nation state

Where corruption is part of the leaders manifesto

Where no corruption mean no Kenya

Where leaders are elected so that

They can help themselves and leave

Ajisaidie aende

We are a broken marriage

We are walking yet our legs are paralised

We are making steps, backward steps

We are falling , in a ditch of failure

And we sit  watching ……..

As the Kenya we love become a failed nation state …


Words from my soul


Margaret Wairimu

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