Photocredits(Okello Elvis)

 Short story

               The lone grotesque figure leaning on the wall was of a man who had never experinced the better patches of life.Sibomana as he was called, was a small time criminal who survived by dealing in petty crimes.He had a scarred right hand which now held a penknife firmly incourse for his yet to be done job.He looked scary as he had a big scar on his left cheek and with redden eyes he was a sight to be reckoned with.

He pulled on the cap of his hood as he spotted his prey.A middle aged woman who was walking towards the bus stop hurriedly someone would thought that the capital rain was about to drop.And in her rush she  seemed to forget one of the most important rules of  survival in the city,avoiding alleys in downtown by deciding to take a shortcut through one of the many alleys in the city.she reached a lonely alley and then as if enlightened   she seemed to realize the magnitude of her mistake and  the truth finally dawned on her.Shadows seemed to be looming above her and she  turned  only to find herself hostage to someone not so interesting to look at.The mere look in his eyes was enough to send shivers down her spine and it was only made worse when he tried to smile maybe in a bid to reassure her revealing his teeth suited with tobacco. 

A glittery sharp penknife was pointed in her belly and her heart started racing rapidly as million thoughts crossed her mind. She slowly dropped her Gucci handbag as her sweaty hands could no longer grip it.”Give me your phone,jewelry,watch and all the money you have fast before this penknife becomes busy in your intestines.”Sibomana thundered.He quickly confiscated her and went away with all her Valuables.She walked away unerringly her thoughts in oblivion,she had just borrowed a loan from a friend to buy the latest  product from apple an iPhone X with the intent of repaying it in installments from her salary but now it was in the thugs hands if he had not already sold it.As she was crossing the street in her dreamy state of mind she was knocked down by her a state of art Mercedes Benz E-class with a Belgian flag on it and a red number plate common for a diplomat in this sides of the Sahara. The ambassador being newly appointed to the job was rushing off to a meeting with  state officials and he was already late by half an hour.He contemplated about rushing off for a minute before telling his chauffeur to come and help him  take the girl into the  car.                                                             



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