Justice prevails: DCI rescues baby Tamara| TCM

Justice prevails: DCI rescues baby Tamara| TCM

Timon Makswell is now a happy man after re-uniting with his daughter Tamara. This was after the dad’s plea to get his daughter back from his in-laws grabbed the attention of the DCI. The 9-month old baby was rescued on March 5th, by detectives from DCI, Child Protection Unit.

According to the Makswell, he was forced to let go of the baby after his life was threatened by his in-laws. He narrated the scenario of how he was arrested for allegedly kidnapping his own daughter, after his wife succumbed to liver and post-pregnancy complications in October 2018. At that time Tamara was 4-months old. His in-laws, Rena’s parents, threatened him to a point where they almost killed him because he refused to give up the baby, who was to be used as an orphan, to allegedly fetch money from donors for their own gain. Annette Kimuomi, Rena’s sister, told him they would find a way to frame him for a crime and take away the baby if he was not going to hand over the baby to them. She even went ahead and gave his number to a woman who called him saying that she was from the DCI office in Kileleshwa and wanted him to go to the office with the baby to give a statement. However, following his friend’s advice, Timon did not go.

The threats then stopped and he was relieved, thinking that they had decided to leave him alone, until one day when he found himself surrounded by four police officers who had been sent by Annette. He was later released after he agreed to give them the baby, who he had promised his dying wife he would protect in all possible ways. He then went ahead and shared his story online which caught the attention of many Kenyans.

 Luckily, the story reached the DCI, who immediately took interest in it and decided to give justice to Timon by rescuing the baby. In a tweet shared by the office of the DCI, two unidentified people were also arrested during the rescue operation and will be arraigned on Wednesday, 6th March,2018.

 The tweet read:

“ Dear#KOT,
Detectives from the Child Protection Unit have rescued
#BabyTamara& arrested two culprits. The baby is in safe hands & the two suspects are in lawful custody & will be arraigned in court tomorrow. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention.#JusticeForBabyTamara.

Makswell was grateful for the overwhelming support he received from the online community and termed it as family.

He wrote:

“Today I have learnt that even if I am an orphan, I still have all of you as my brothers and sisters. I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone who has shown their sympathy to us (Tamara and I), you the online family are the only family and friends I can count on,” he said.


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