The chronicles of a campus girl| TCM

The chronicles of a campus girl| TCM

This is how it goes.

Dear diary,

That’s how a journal or a diary is supposed to start and I feel like it’s so lame, like why the hell am I calling a piece of paper dear? And more so this.

So I will rephrase that.

Hello there;

That’s basically no one in particular, so I’m sitting on this not so comfortable bed writing this down as I fight the mosquitoes that I don’t mind if they bit me but only if they would be quiet about it. I don’t want to know they are stealing my blood.

I slap my leg to kill one which manages to escape and now I hurt myself and have to scratch the part it bit me.

So this is how it goes,

Work so hard in high school so that you can gain a direct entry in one of the universities. I did my best and today I joined one of the best universities in the country, kudos to me.

I’m congratulating myself because once someone told me don’t ever wait for someone to clap for you, if you feel you did well clap for yourself.

Away from that, I came with my mom, she always sees me as her baby girl so she had to bring me and I can’t complain, it’s how parents should be. So after waiting in line since nine in the morning, I finally got admitted, that must have been around three in the afternoon.

Entering the campus gates I was scared, here I was dressed in my long Ankara skirt suit my mom made for me, matter of fact she made two for the both of us, so we came in looking similar, coming from home I felt beautiful but the moment I set foot at the university all that confidence flew away. Students were literally under dressed, I think I even spotted someone’s tummy. Just looking at them made me cringe my nose

Why would someone dress like that?

Anyway it’s good to mind your own business so I did just that.

Standing on the queue waiting to be admitted, the old students would pass by staring at us, some in disgust, some giggling at something and others with eyes full of pity.

I understand, new fish in town, the naive and innocent ones.

I’m not the talkative one, who am I kidding? I am, just that I tend to study my environment first, so what I’m trying to say is that i didn’t make any friends the whole time i was queuing. It’s just my first day, i know i have all the time to make friends, enemies too, i mean what’s life without a little taste of both sugar and salt?

I have no idea if that phrase makes sense.

So today was a good day. Everything went smoothly, my hostel room is bearable and I’m yet to find out about the food because i still have something from what we ate with mom at lunch time.

I hope my stay here will be good, i hope i will get to learn and grow in every aspect but most of all i shouldn’t forget my mom’s warning.

It was a long speech but it all summed up to ‘know why you’re in the university’

I will find myself in here.

This are the chronicles of a campus girl.


Purity Khandasi

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